Fans respect Fans – our Mission …

Fans respect Fans – our Mission …

….. is a network of Fans oft the entire German Basketball scene, which identify themselves with this idea, and who show it by the way of how they support their Team and their attitude towards opposing Fans. their Code of Conduct is „Fair Play“. We are independent and not tied to Fanclubs and our main goal is a peaceful and non-violent Fan Culture in German Stadiums, cross-Fanclubs, a respectful contact with opposing Fans and their Teams , independent of rivalry during the Basketball games. Our logo is supposed to be a visible sign to establish fair relationship which often, at big Basketball events, renders into true, personal friendships. Each one of us contributes to Fans respect Fans individually during their daily lifes by promoting this idea. In addition to this, we feel obligated to use our Influence to support Charity purposes .

Fans respect Fans goals:

  • Fairness and tolerance, despite of competition and rivalry
  • A general positive atmosphere before and after the game
  • Personal contacts amongst the Fans
  • Respectful, cross-Stadium Friendships of German Basketball Fans
  • Support of Charity Events

Fans respect Fans events:

  • Fan fotoshootings with the logo
  • Meeting points at the various Stadiums
  • Joint events and meetings
  • Sharing of Ideas and Information cross-country
  • Public relations
  • Presence of the group and its idea in the Basketball web media platform
  • Support of the visiting Fans and/or Fans on the road
  • a. s. o.

Join us if you identify yourself with this ideology!

Joining the Fans respect Fans facebook group:

  • get the online logo
  • get a printout of the logo and take a picture together with an opponent Fan, then mail it to Right then you are part of it. Simply showing everybody that you support the idea of Fans respect Fans.

To spread the idea of Fans respect Fans, merchandising items are available, and will also be offered in an online- shop soon.

Pictures we receive will be published on our media platforms such as in facebook and on other websites.

To join the club Fans respect Fans e.V. the published statutes must be followed. The request to join the club may be downloaded from this website (note „Verein“)

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