Fans respect Fans – english version

Fans respect Fans is an initiative, focussing on relationship with the „rival“ fan. Many of our supporters are from the „away“ fanpool, Fans who are looking for establishing contact to „rival“ fangroups. Taking this into consideration and the experience deriving from this – positive or negative – affect the members’ attitude and their behaviour. Of course, most of our members are actively involved in their Fanclubs activities and the support of their own team and fan community and often do this in the front line. We are quite aware of the fact that FRF represents a minority almost everywhere, because our focus is on the „rival“ or opponent Fan. Therefore we do not consider our initiative as an alternative to regular Fanclubs and recommend to the FRF members to actively support their local Fanclubs and Teams.
Our goal is not to focus on „missionary“ work in convincing fans who are of a different attitude, also, we are not responsible for negative activities by individuals and groups. We do not participate in disrespectful actions and refrain from such. Our clearly positive behaviour towards guests and our committment toward these types of fans does retain, enhance and establish Fan Friendships. We are quite aware that this attitude is not limited to our members and that, of course, also other fans act like this, which we are quite happy about.
To promote our goals we look for cooperations with all Teams and Fanclubs, resp., we offer our cooperation and partnership.
Due to our constantly active commitment to positive values, we do consider ourselfs as ambassadors for our teams, our home cities and our country.

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